It is time to break silos...

How do you reach your customers? TV? Phone? Tablet? Digital billboard? At Decidata, we develop solutions to help brands bridge the gap between their online and offline marketing strategy, to get a 360° view of their consumers.

Our programmatic platform allows anyone to easily purchase and monitor marketing campaigns on TV and digital, in order to track their target, on any device, in real time.


Monitor TV campaigns in real time, measure their impact on digital

Do you actually know how your different campaigns impact each other?

Why does your TV spot drive more traffic to your website on Monday morning than on Tuesday afternoon?

With Decidata's inSights, not only can you track every ad being aired on TV in real time, you can compare your activity to your competitor's and optimize your multiscreen results with these analytics.

In other words... a 360° marketing attribution!


Discover the impact on digital of each of your TV and radio ad spot, and calculate the Return On Investment on your offline campaigns.

Our attribution algorithms measure the uplift in traffic, conversions and sales from your online and offline campaigns on your apps and website pages in real time.

Programmatic TV

Advanced TV

Smarter investments on broadcast TV

Target and buy inventory on broadcast channels in a few clicks and quickly react to your competitors’ activity.

Addressable Tv

Apply digital precision to the power of TV

Now you can reach your targets on TV the same way you do it in digital. We allow you to buy real audiences from thousands of set top boxes: deliver your ad exactly to the audience that matters to you and only pay for the impressions you want, on linear TV and OTT.

Digital Sync

TV Sync

Track your consumer at 360°

80% of internet users watch TV while surfing on their devices. TV Sync allows brands to catch 100% of their target's attention by synchronizing digital campaigns with TV ads, be it theirs or their competitors’, thanks to our proprietary technology that detects, monitors and analyzes any TV spot in real time.

Weather Sync

Your moment in the sun...

Be contextual! Did you know that weather conditions have a significant impact on sales for 80% of industries? Our Weather Sync solution enables brands to synchronize their TV and digital campaigns with local weather in real time: temperature, wind, sunrise/sunset, UV and more!

Event Sync

Get closer to your audience emotions!

We use data from multiple sources to launch digital campaigns in real time based on events: sports, traffic, etc.