We are a multiscreen programmatic platform.

We unify multiscreen marketing.

Decidata enables advertisers to compare, buy, control and optimize every marketing campaign on any screen: digital, TV, DOOH, etc. We work hand in hand with media owners to offer the easiest access to premium inventory across screens and allow brands and agencies to maximize their media investment.

We unlock the power of 360º advertising

We help you find and target the right audience, at the 
right moment, on any platform to maximize your ROI.


Monitor TV campaigns in real time, measure their impact on digital. Optimize ROI instantly.

Programmatic TV

Apply digital precision to the power of TV. Target individually, only pay for impressions you want.

Digital Sync

Bridge the gap between online and offline marketing. Reach your consumer at 360°.

Missing the puzzle piece linking medias and programmatic actors?

We are proud to work hand in hand with operators, channels, data providers, and the whole programmatic ecosystem.

Our strategy is to partner and integrate with best-in-class tech platforms to re-empower media companies.

In Decidata they trust

From brands to agencies, we're delivering innovative solutions to all serious advertisers