The difference is in our end-to-end solution.

Because innovation has always fueled the programmatic ecosystem, understanding who is exactly going to match your needs sometimes turns into solving a complex puzzle. Some media companies have purchased a DSP, while other agencies built their own trading desks. This is why Decidata offers a suite of modular solutions - pick and choose which solutions work best for your stage in the programmatic value chain, or adopt multiple products to create a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

Why do you need a programmatic platform to manage your inventory?

We add value to TV inventory

We apply data and digital precision to your audiences, because there are actually people behind every set top box, with different characteristics, interests, and viewership habits. Our platforms enables brands and agencies to buy individual, targeted, deduplicated ads that match their segmentation, just the way they do it in digital.

Our platform turns selling and buying into a piece of cake

Real time bidding and programmatic buying have allowed brands and agencies to get digital ad inventory in a few clicks. What about TV? OTT, linear, VOD are still pretty split into silos, which are much limited to TV insiders. Decidata's platform manages your ad inventories and audiences in real time, allowing any brand to advertise, maximising your revenues for every available spot.

Let us take care of everything!

Because we know requirements are different for every customer, we developed a full stack solution from ad insertion to DSP, so you can get back to delivering awesome content to your subscribers and let us handle the hassle of ad management.

How do we fit in?

Our strategy is to integrate with best-in-class partners to offer our clients the widest range of technologies available to operate their campaigns. We have been working with agencies' most cherished DSPs and digital integrators, and we are also partnering with data and tech actors to provide operators the most complete solution to their needs. You can come work with us at any stage of the programmatic value chain, from ad server to ad exchange or DMP.