Discover the power of digital monitoring and monetizing!

Decidata offers a suite of modular solutions: pick and choose which solutions work best for your needs, or adopt multiple products to create a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

Decidata's state-of-the-art technology allows TV networks, operators and broadcasters
to monitor every commercial that airs on their TV channel and radio stationv,
and helps you audit the quality of your video streams in real-time.

  • Attribution
  • Buy
  • CIC
  • inSights

Get access to:

  • Sound and frame-by-frame image audit

  • Real-time monitoring at any regional level

  • Comprehensive system of alerts for flawed broadcast

  • Proofs in Full HD

  • Export and download tools for spot proofs (up to 60 fps)

  • Visual support for better analysis and decisions

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In our secure cloud servers we store 100% of your aired content in full HD and allow you a seamless real-time data retrieval of your content that can be monitored permanently.
  • Attribution
  • Buy
  • CIC
  • inSights

Our Video Analytics system tags the video content automatically and helps you manage your content and data easily.

For example, thanks to our algorithms,

  • You can seamlessly get access to the brand analysis of any of your video stream

  • Our system also provides features for video search based on their content

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We place a tracker on your different apps and pages (website, OTT, mobile, etc.)


We define cohorts of users based on the engagement and viewing behavior


We compute the churn and rating per cohort


We analyze the viewing behavior of each cohort and search for correlations with the observed churn thanks to Machine Learning


We offer recommendations to increase the conversion rate and the level of retention

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Track, measure and analyze your users’ interactions with your Mobile and Web Apps
in-app events and understand how your audience interacts with your ads
the ROI of your online and offline campaigns on the basis of downloads and the usage of your apps
Get access
to deep app analytics

Optimize the monetization of your inventory

Our end-to-end targeted ad solutions allow you to unlock incremental revenues.
We generate segmented audiences through the analysis of Set-Top-Boxes, online streams and OTT devices data. Then we use these audiences to optimize TV advertising campaigns that can run through our own trading desk.

Apply real-time digital precision to the power of TV

  • Precision targeting
  • Geography: postal code, city, state, etc.

  • Clusters and demographics: age, gender, behavior, purchasing power, etc.

  • Daypart, program, etc.

  • Optimization and budget control
  • CPM / target

  • Auctions

  • Capping

  • Minimum cost per impression

  • User experience and flexibility
  • Quick purchase

  • User-friendly

  • Creatives drag & drop

  • Special formats for OTT

  • Advanced reporting and dashboards for operators

Advanced TV

  • Improve the monetization of your inventory easily!
  • Use our data and insights coming from our TV Attribution algorithms to improve the monetization of your inventory

  • Give your advertisers access to an online digital platform where they can optimize their TV buying strategy and operation

  • Thanks to the use of offline ROI measurement and digital metrics like CPV and CPM

Addressable TV

  • Monetize your inventory and increase your ARPU with our unique end-to-end Set-Top-Box ad targeting solution!
  • With real-time ad purchase and results, we apply digital precision to the power of TV to allow audience targeting on any TV channel delivered through the STB

  • Addressable TV allows you to offer your advertisers precise targeting based on geography, demographics, behavioral clusters and specific programs

  • Your clients will have access to the full range of digital optimizations like budget control, CPM-based planning, frequency capping, etc. along with an enhanced user experience on our platform (white label available)


  • Discover the real potential of AVOD (Ad-supported Video On Demand)
  • Ad-supported Video On Demand: our monetizing solution for OTT platforms

  • Ask us about our Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) and Client-Side Ad Insertion (CSAI) solutions!

  • We're providing a comprehensive end-to-end ad managing platform to allow you to optimize your ads revenues on your OTT service and increase your ARPU

  • Take advantage of the special formats for OTT: post-roll, pre-roll, mid-roll, in-menu banners, in-video text and image overlays, full-page takeover, etc.

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Big Data Processing

Our TV Attribution tool can help you calculate the impact, reach and performance of a spot. Attribution is computed using the following techniques:

  • decidata-track

    Custom-built online tracker and data collector

  • decidata-data

    Data enrichment process

  • decidata-algorithm

    Offline ad Attribution algorithms

Automatic Content Recognition (ACR)

We are able to recognize every spot on TV or radio thanks to our very own:

  • decidata_eye-

    Computer Vision models

  • decidata-image

    Image recognition algorithms

  • decidata-logo

    Logo recognition algorithms

  • decidata-audio

    Audio recognition algorithms

  • decidata-video

    Video quality measurement algorithms recognition


We've developed our own Smart Campaign Manager based on Big Data, Moment Marketing and Artificial Intelligence that optimizes digital campaigns automatically for any brand and/or agency.s

  • decidata-buy

    Automated programmatic buying and optimization platform built on Artificial Intelligence

  • decidata-react

    Deep API-based integrations with leading DSPs