You can be in the same boat 
but not in the same league

They are a million ways to do programmatic advertising, depending on the types of brands and agencies, their objectives, and their identities.

But in the end, all marketers face the same challenges : visibility, brand management, transparency, optimization. This is why our platform has been engineered to address all needs, so anyone can advertise the way they do it best!

We help marketers unify multiscreen marketing

We allow brands to compare, buy, control and optimize their campaigns on any screen, be it digital, TV or billboards.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between online and offline marketing from analytics to operations.

Our inSights tool digitizes decision making thanks to real-time analytics about TV and digital campaigns: you can now measure the true impact of your campaigns on each channel.

But most of all, you can react in real time on our platform, purchasing ads on any screen, and even synchronizing digital and TV.

Because we are not all one and the same ...

Tell us the way you operate and we'll provide the most appropriate service for you.

Decidata offers two types of services:

Self-Serve Platform

Already have a trading desk? Programmatic campaigns are no stranger to you? Our multiscreen platform is user-friendly and ready to use, you can just start bidding!

Managed Services

Seeking a tailored advice and reporting?

Our trading desk is fully dedicated to operating and optimizing your multiscreen campaigns for you. We can offer a bespoke service for nearly any need.

We are a multiscreen programmatic platform...
What does it mean?

We are multichannel

Our data and available inventory come from multiple sources: TV, DOOH and online digital.

Our objective is to give you a 360° understanding of your target, but also the tools you'll need to reach them on each and every screen.

We offer real time

Compare and buy inventory from TV, online digital and DOOH, in real time.

Access inSights from your campaigns instantaneously on our platform, whenever you need them.

We are premium

At Decidata, we are obesssed over brand safety.

We offer the widest selection of premium inventories on every screen, ensuring your brand never appears where it shouldn't.

We are transparent

Why should TV and digital be reported in different ways?

It's time to start monitoring every decision you make and track the results in real time. Easily compare costs and targets for every available inventory. No math degree necessary, measure real impact on real targets with standardized metrics across screens.

You probably already know our friends:

Our strategy is to integrate with best-in-class partners to offer our clients the widest range of technologies available to operate their campaigns.

We have been working with agencies' most cherished DSPs and digital integrators, and we are also partnering with data and tech actors to provide operators the most complete solution to their needs.

You can come work with us at any stage of the programmatic value chain, from ad server to ad exchange or DMP.