Performance through Moment Marketing

Decidata is the smart campaign management platform that guarantees results.

Our proprietary Moment Marketing and AI-powered ad buying technology allows us to implement real-time analysis and optimization on clicks, views, impressions, conversions and sales.

That’s how we achieve guaranteed results. Automated.


Discover the Drive-to-Web power of your offline campaigns!

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your clients’ offline media plan in real-time (TV & radio)
the digital impact of each of their TV spots (Drive-To-Web): generated traffic, acquisitions, leads, conversions and calculate the efficiency with CPVisits, CPL, CPA, CPC, etc.
the ROI of their TV campaigns and help them optimize their TV advertising strategy

Enjoy all the benefits of our AI-powered ad buying platform
according to your necessity:

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Self-Serve Platform
Programmatic campaigns are no stranger to you?
Our multiscreen platform is user-friendly and ready to use:
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Managed Services
Our programmatic specialists are ready to help you to set up and launch your campaign
Then our algorithms will follow up to optimize it
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Digital Sync
Bridge the gap between online and offline with Moment Marketing

TV Sync

Synchronize your digital ads with TV spots to maximize the efficiency of your multiscreen campaigns

For example, you can synchronize your Facebook campaign with:

  • Your competitors' TV ads
  • Your own TV ads
  • TV ads for complementary products
  • Attribution
  • Buy
  • CIC
  • inSights
Radio Sync

Synchronize your digital strategy with Radio ads at any hour, day and radio station.

Sync with:

  • Your competitors' Radio ads
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  • Attribution
  • Buy
  • CIC
  • inSights
Weather Sync

Get closer to your audience emotions! Launch your digital campaigns based on weather conditions.


  • Thermal sensation (temperature, wind, humidity)
  • Sunrise and sunset, UV Rain / Clear sky
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  • Attribution
  • Buy
  • CIC
  • inSights
Sport Sync

Synchronize your campaigns and creatives with sport events and results.


  • Macro-moments: World cup, NFL, NBA, etc
  • Micro-moments: Scores, cards, team winning/losing etc
  • Results in real-time
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  • Attribution
  • Buy
  • CIC
  • inSights


Our Digital Sync solutions work perfectly well in cooperation with our partners:


Big Data Processing

Our TV Attribution tool can help you calculate the impact, reach and performance of a spot. Attribution is computed using the following techniques:

  • Custom-built online tracker and data collector

  • Data enrichment process

  • Offline ad Attribution algorithms

Automatic Content Recognition (ACR)

We are able to recognize every spot on TV or radio thanks to our very own:

  • Computer Vision models

  • Image recognition algorithms

  • Logo recognition algorithms

  • Audio recognition algorithms

  • Video quality measurement algorithms recognition


We've developed our own Smart Campaign Manager based on Big Data, Moment Marketing and Artificial Intelligence that optimizes digital campaigns automatically for any brand and/or agency.

  • Automated programmatic buying and optimization platform built on Artificial Intelligence

  • Deep API-based integrations with leading DSPs