What is Decidata?

Decidata is a company that develops technological products for TV operators, channels and broadcasters, as well as innovative marketing solutions for advertisers.

Thanks to our technology, TV operators can increase their value of commercial inventory exceptionally. On the other side, brands and agencies can measure the impact of their TV commercials, optimize their digital advertising and retarget their audience.

What are the benefits of working together with Decidata?

  • Data analysis: of paid online and offline campaigns
  • Managing of budget, ads and performance: powered by artificial intelligence developed by experts in programmatic buying, strategy and analysis.
  • Optimization for higher conversions: A/B testing, performance of campaigns, etc.
  • Access to key metrics:direct and indirect through the monitoring of user behaviour (CPM, CPV, Views, Impressions, CTR).
  • Cross-channel: reach your audience across more screens and devices.
  • Monitoring of channels
  • Monetization of TV and Radio inventory

How much does the products / services cost?

The costs depend a lot of the selected product and the respective campaign (duration, strategy, etc). In general, we charge a fee and an additional % of the campaign.

How much budget is necessary?

The minimum budget should be $5000 USD.

Which kind of clients is Decidata working with?

Decidata works in more than 11 countries around the world including brands, agencies and TV, radio and billboards operators.

How much time takes the implementation of a product?

The time for the implementation depends on the kind of product and the campaign.

How does Decidata measure the impact of TV to the web?

We have a real-time detection system of TV commercials and own algorithms that enable us to attribute conversions to those commercials.

What is Performance AI?

Performance AI is our artificial intelligence technology that enables us to receive performance results in each of your marketing campaigns.

How does Decidata synchronize online campaigns with TV, Radio, Sport and Weather?

Our technology detects the moment when a commercial is broadcasted in TV and Radio, as well as different weather conditions or sport events and then activates the campaign automatically.

How does Decidata determine the audience of the different media?

We do only determine the audience within a Drive to Web campaign. We then create profiles based on visitors that came due to the TV commercial and realized a conversion at your website or app.

What is Programmatic TV?

Programmatic TV is a platform that enables you to create, launch and analyze TV campaigns in real-time. You can buy TV inventory and target your commercials to a personalized audience.

Does Decidata create campaigns?

Yes, you can choose between these two options:

  1. Managed services: Our programmatic experts will support you 24/7 in configuarting and launching your campaign.
  2. Self service: Our platform is user-friendly and ready to use. Just get in and launch your campaign.

Which kind of campaigns can Decidata manage (web, offline etc)?

  1. Digital
  2. Television
  3. Radio
  4. Cinema
  5. Out of home

Can the platform of Decidata be used in any country?

For digital campaigns it is possible in any country but in case of offline campaigns we have to check first if we have available inventory in the respective country where you would like to launch a campaign.

What are the necessary requirements for working at Decidata?

Check out our vacancies and write a mail at rh@decidata.tv

What is Budget Management?

Our objective is to get the best output out of your budget but this is only possible with our Managed Services.

How does Decidata optimize campaigns?

Our artificial intelligence technology is developed in order to achieve performance results and get the best out of the budget.

Which CTR and VTR can I reach on average with the products of Decidata?

We are able to increase the efficiency of your campaign about 170% over your client´s benchmark.

Can I get a demo?

Of course, just fill out the form on our website for the respective product.